Cheryl Fry, support coach for expat spouses.
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"My dear Cheryl. You came into my life when I knew I needed a change, but didn't know what, how and where to start. You have turned my life around. With your simple strategies you have taught me to make my own choices, choices I didn't see that I had. One step at a time back to loving myself. And I still follow your plan - setting a goal and moving toward it. Also, I loved the science behind coaching.  Thank you for being with me on my life journey. I'm honored to call you my Life Coach."

"Cheryl is a great coach, every session with her was an eye opening one. I achieved all the goals I was looking for out of those sessions. I have recommended her to many people. She has her special way of encouraging and empowering her clients."

"As a coach, Cheryl guided me through navigating my spirituality like no other guide has done. I had talked with spiritual leaders, clergy and others, eventually dropping the topic from my consciousness. I didn't anticipate a life coach working with me in this area and it wasn't the reason I started working with Cheryl, however it became THE reason to work with Cheryl for me!

I arrived at the most clarity about my spirituality than I ever had before because of Cheryl's coaching ability and her intuitive listening and wisdom!"

"I am the self-prescribed "queen of personality tests" but not until I worked with Cheryl and learned about the Energy Leadership Index assessment did it really click and make sense. After going through the assessment and the debrief with Cheryl, I am now able to intentionally monitor my energy levels through each day, and as I go on with my work during the week.

Instead of just knowing what my likely responses are, or the typical interests I gravitate towards, the ELi takes a deeper and more meaningful approach by identifying the energy level, the place in time, when you are literally, mentally and physically AT YOUR BEST.

I have even noticed the impact that my work with Cheryl has, as it relates to the "trickle down" as I raise my family. I am now helping to guide my two youngest children in the exercises of understanding how to not stay in the draining levels but instead move into the levels where I know I can best serve others."

Founder of "I am a triangle" expatriate group

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