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"My dear Cheryl. You came into my life when I knew I needed a change, but didn't know what, how and where to start. You have turned my life around. With your simple strategies you have taught me to make my own choices, choices I didn't see that I had. One step at a time back to loving myself. And I still follow your plan - setting a goal and moving toward it. Also, I loved the science behind coaching.  Thank you for being with me on my life journey. I'm honored to call you my Life Coach."

(M, USA)

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"Cheryl is a great coach, every session with her was an eye opening one. I achieved all the goals I was looking for out of those sessions. I have recommended her to many people. She has her special way of encouraging and empowering her clients."

(Areej, Jordan)

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"As a coach, Cheryl guided me through navigating my spirituality like no other guide has done. I had talked with spiritual leaders, clergy and others, eventually dropping the topic from my consciousness. I didn't anticipate a life coach working with me in this area and it wasn't the reason I started working with Cheryl, however it became THE reason to work with Cheryl for me!

I arrived at the most clarity about my spirituality than I ever had before because of Cheryl's coaching ability and her intuitive listening and wisdom!"

(Bill, USA)

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"I am the self-prescribed "queen of personality tests" but not until I worked with Cheryl and learned about the Energy Leadership Index assessment did it really click and make sense. After going through the assessment and the debrief with Cheryl, I am now able to intentionally monitor my energy levels through each day, and as I go on with my work during the week.

Instead of just knowing what my likely responses are, or the typical interests I gravitate towards, the ELi takes a deeper and more meaningful approach by identifying the energy level, the place in time, when you are literally, mentally and physically AT YOUR BEST.

I have even noticed the impact that my work with Cheryl has, as it relates to the "trickle down" as I raise my family. I am now helping to guide my two youngest children in the exercises of understanding how to not stay in the draining levels but instead move into the levels where I know I can best serve others."

(Naomi Hattaway, USA) Founder of "I am a triangle" expatriate group

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"When I first started with Cheryl, I was at a real low and very self conscious about feeling like I had amounted not to much in my life. I was at a standstill with three young children and no career, and having found myself on my own I realised that I didn't feel like I had much of an identity anymore at all.

Cheryl has really helped me to rephrase my negative pattern of thinking about myself as well as help me start hitting my goals at the same time and has helped me build up stamina and morale so that I can keep taking small steps towards my dreams. I am still working with Cheryl but I am already seeing great results.

I think the biggest thing that has stood out with Cheryl is how well she listens to what you are trying to say without jumping to judgements or assumptions so that she truly hears what you are trying to say. I would definitely recommend Cheryl as a life coach, she has helped me greatly!"

(Katerina Crist - Australia)