Cheryl Fry, support coach for expat spouses.
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First time Expatriate/Immigrant

Is this your first International posting?  Your first time living outside of your home country?  Have you left your home forever? It is understandable if you are feeling totally overwhelmed at the moment. It is a huge undertaking to move halfway across the world with your family into a new culture, possibly a new language, without knowing how everything will turn out in the end.

Firstly, you need to acknowledge your bravery.  Many would have said no to the opportunity, would have stayed in their comfort zone, wouldn’t have taken that huge step into a new life. Secondly, it is totally normal to feel a little overwhelmed and lost. Often you will see seasoned expats who seem to be doing it all effortlessly, juggling all those balls in the air, with perfect hair and makeup all of the time. It may well be a perfectly orchestrated illusion –  the image of ducks swimming on a pond comes to mind – they appear so serene and calm on the surface, but if you look beneath the water you see legs going like crazy.

I have certainly had my moments of sheer panic on the inside, while appearing to have it all together.  You are not alone.

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